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ScoutAsia is an intelligent news monitoring and corporate research tool.

It curates relevant content for you by combining Machine Learning technology and news content from 50 of Asia’s best business & financial sources, including:


What Can ScoutAsia Do For You

To give you a taste of what a subscription can do for you, we offer free email update on the top 3 trendings news topics across Asia. More than just curating trending topics, our trained machines is able to read the news, tag them with the relevant topics, and send you the articles you can’t miss.


Scout AI

Keep track of news trends with more than 30 AI-driven scouts monitoring the latest topics. Deepen and customize your findings by teaching our machines to understand your needs, and they will do the rest.

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Company Monitoring

Backed by corporate data, draw a detailed map by weaving the latest updates on companies you are monitoring. Get hold of the updated report on company earnings, management changes, brand sentiments & credit ratings.

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Industry Monitoring

Capitalising on the current events, be the first to receive crystalised research updates of your industry performances. Know the ins & outs of your industry sector & make strategic forecasts in your business planning.

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