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Scout AI

Keep track of news trends with more than 30 AI-driven scouts monitoring the latest topics. Deepen and customize your findings by teaching our machines to understand your needs, and they will do the rest.

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Company Monitoring

Backed by corporate data, draw a detailed map by weaving the latest updates on companies you are monitoring. Get hold of the updated report on company earnings, management changes, brand sentiments & credit ratings.

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Industry Monitoring

Capitalising on the current events, be the first to receive crystalised research updates of your industry performances. Know the ins & outs of your industry sector & make strategic forecasts in your business planning.

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✔ Gain Insights from News & Reports

Leverage our 50+ best business & financial news sources from 24 countries across the region including Nikkei group publications. Curate your own watchlist and enjoy our AI-assisted news alerts.

✔ Increase Visibility of Asian Businesses

ScoutAsia App brings you a quality database of 1.8 million public and private companies in Asia. Our data sources include Bureau Van Dijk, CreditSafe and FactSet.

✔ Drive Smart Decision Making

ScoutAsia’s AI technology reduces noise in your search results and mitigates the risk of missing signals. For precise monitoring & research findings, create your own set topics & parameters.

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