Tipping the Balance of Food Security in Asia

60 MIN

1st November 2022 | 3 PM Indochina Time (UTC+7) | ONLINE

The Russia-Ukraine war has caused shock waves across global markets as both countries are major
producers and exporters of key energy and food commodities. The tension between the two agricultural
production warehouses has had knock-on effects well beyond the front lines, squeezing food
supplies, and sending prices skyrocketing.

In Asia, extreme climate, supply chain disruptions, and the prolonged economic downturn brought on by the pandemic have turned people's lives upside down, pushing the prices of food and agricultural inputs to new highs. Asia now faces the prospect of food insecurity due to lower supply and a wave of growing trade protectionism among important exporters in the region.

Join experts from EMIS to hear their latest analysis and insights on food security matters in Asia.

The content is best for business leaders in the following roles:

  • Supply chain management
  • Regional business development
  • Business planning



Gabriela Gandovska

Global Industry Researcher, EMIS

Gabriela Gandovska is the lead EMEA Researcher at ISI Emerging Markets Group, managing the analyst team on key industries such as food and beverage manufacturing, agribusiness and trade, among others. Gabriela has been with the company for more than six years, starting as an analyst for Turkey. Gabriela has 16+ years of experience in media, industry and macro analysis and has been the author and editor of numerous food and beverage sector country and regional reports, as well as a series of publications on the global economic impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Nguyen Tung Anh

Industry Researcher, EMIS

Tung Anh has many years of experience in economic and market analysis at the State Securities Commission, the Australian Embassy in Vietnam, and the private sector, with many contributions to economic policies, the securities market, and trade. Tung Anh is also cooperating with EMIS as an industry researcher.


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