Overcoming Supply Chain Disruptions:
The changing dynamic of threats & opportunities in Asia

60 min  |  12th September 2022, 5.00PM AEST

The game has changed, the rules are evolving, and the prize is increasing – all making for an exciting dynamic for businesses to manage in Asia-Pacific.

As we look at the rapid changes brought on by various supply chain disruptions in Asia, the baseline understanding for companies that are expanding operations has come up several levels as the threat matrix has been evolving. Terms like “Friend Shoring” and “Weaponised Supply Chains” were not mentioned a few months ago, but they are key strategies for many looking to dominate markets across the region.

Opportunities, in the meantime, are growing substantially. Population growth, increased wealth in high-growth countries and niche markets that reflect massive diversity in the region will continue to dominate the narrative of business expansions. But what are the challenges we must overcome to access the emerging opportunities?

Join Nordin Abdullah, Founder of the Crisis Management Centre, and representatives of scoutAsia, the Asia-focused data & news platform by Nikkei, and AJSV to discuss the fast-changing dynamics in the regional business.

This webinar is best for you if you are in:

  • Senior management
  • Strategies & Planning
  • Business development & Operations

Key Topics

Supply chain challenges & strategies

Opportunities for Australian business

How to monitor the landscape changes



Nordin Abdullah

Founder, the Crisis Management Centre

Nordin is an Australian who has been working in Asia for over 30 years. As an entrepreneur he has developed several publications, television and radio shows, online media brands and documentaries. Advancing data-driven solutions and reputation management for various stakeholders is Nordin’s current focus to achieve sustainable futures for business and societal continuity. His regular commentary on national TV and in the media allows him to contribute to the narrative of key issues.

Nordin established the Crisis Management Centre to assist individuals, corporations and governments to effectively deal with all aspects of the crisis.

His recent commentary and focus is at the convergence of media, social media, NGO’s, cybersecurity, supply chain disruption and understanding various threat actors that impact companies that play a critical role in critical value chains.

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Sachvinder Singh

Director at Handshakes Technology

Sachvinder is a director at Handshakes Technology, overseeing scoutAsia Business Development across Asia Pacific.
Before joining Handshakes, he was instrumental in setting up Credit Bureau Malaysia for the Central Bank of Malaysia and the Product team of CTOS Data Systems, the largest Credit Bureau in South East Asia. With a range of strategic and sales expertise, Sachvinder has led the business development and execution teams across APAC, primarily in the Information Services and Technology sector.
He holds an LLB Honours from the University of Northumbria, United Kingdom.


D'Arcy Butler

Senior Project Advisor – Community Development
City of Melbourne

D'Arcy works at the City of Melbourne where he has worked in various roles in International Relations and Community Development, including coordinating the 45 year sister city relationship with Osaka. Prior to working for the City of Melbourne, D'Arcy worked in education and cultural support roles at the Consulate-General of Japan in Melbourne. D'Arcy is a committee member of the AJSV and of the Australia-Japan Youth Dialogue.


ScoutAsia is an Asia-focused news & company data platform, jointly developed by Nikkei & the Financial Times in 2018 with the ultimate aim of enabling customers towards better and more informed decisions.

Combining quality content and technologies, ScoutAsia provides AI-driven insights on what is changing in Asian business today.

The Australia-Japan Society of Victoria (AJSV) was established in 1963 as an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening business, government, educational and cultural links between Victoria and Japan.

The AJSV and its members share a genuine belief in the importance of the relationship between Australia and Japan and the rewards and benefits it has to offer.